Vote to bring NaturalDocs to Flash continues... have you voted?

As of this morning we have 20 votes for the campaign to get ActionScript support to be added to NaturalDocs.Although this is almost double the number of votes that C++ has and although we will be donating enough to put ActionScript 2 at the head of the list monetarily, it still may not be enough due to the perceived high "general importance" of the current top spot language, C++ (ie., it's accepted as fact that lots of people use it.) You and I know that lots of people use ActionScript too -- so if we can really open up the vote margin, this, coupled with our donation, should be enough to give ActionScript the decisive lead and guarantee that full language support for ActionScript is the next thing added to NaturalDocs.

I know that we can easily reach 240 votes, so if you haven't voted yet, please do so!

Also, big thanks to Cort who informed me yesterday that he has, in addition to his vote, donated $100 towards the cause.

So, 20 votes down, 220 to go...

Send an email to NaturalDoc's author, Greg Valure, at kindly asking for ActionScript 2 support to be added to NaturalDocs and CC me on at For every vote that I get CCed on, Ariaware will donate $1 for the cause until we have up to twice the current highest donation at the time of this writing (which is currently $120 for Ada support). Even if we don't get enough votes, we'll donate enough to put full language support for ActionScript at the top of the list but we can't do it with a donation alone: We're counting on your vote!

Vote today and help make Flash better for us all!