Episode V: PrintJob Strikes Back

How naïve it was of me to think that Flash wouldn't have an ace up its sleeve when I jubilantly announced my victory over printing a TextArea component's multi-page contents.

Truth be told, the weathered programmer, having gotten all the pages to scroll to their exact locations had thought the battle over. He had celebrated and there had been much merriment. Yet he was unaware that in Flash, What You See Is *Not* What You Print!

That was a lesson he learned later, when, after having refactored the mess that his spikes had become, he actually tried to print the resulting page clips -- those same page clips that looked so fine garbed in countless glimmering pixels on his screen. Aghast he was when he discovered that the conniving trickster who answers to the name Flash had – behind the scenes and far from sight -- changed the layout of the text in his TextArea components when printing them so that the printed layouts did not match what he had on screen.

Ah, a valuable lesson this: Never underestimate Flash's ability to throw you a curve ball!

So, was this the fatal blow? Will the embattled geek rise from the ashes to wrench his ultimate prize of the perfectly printed multi-page TextArea from the wretched claws of the one they call The IDE? Only time and an ever growing pile of pulled out hair will tell!

[Update: After writing this blog post, Flash and I sat down and had a long talk and worked things out. We've decided to give each other some space and start seeing other people. I think it's all for the best. We're still living together though I think there's hope.]