FlashPaper 2 Rocks!

As someone who was drooling over the first FlashPaper (ok, I don't really drool -- at least, I won't admit to it in public), I was floored by the quality and usability of FlashPaper 2. Kudos to the team at Macromedia for turning out such a fine product. In fact, I am very impressed by Contribute 3 in general.

I got the chance to use FlashPaper on the e-brochures for the training courses I will be teaching at the end of this month (Introduction to ActionScript 2 and Best Practices Flash and Flex Development) and was impressed by (1) how easy it is to use (just print!), (2) the quality of the end-result and (3) the PDF output option.

In both cases, the quality of the resulting FlashPaper document was clearly superior to that of the generated PDF. To skew things further in FlashPaper's favor, the FlashPaper versions were also considerably smaller than the resulting PDFs. You can compare the quality and file size of both versions below:

Hands on: Introduction to ActionScript 2

FlashPaper (620kb) vs. PDF (865kb)

Hands on: Best Practices Flash & Flex Development

FlashPaper (591kb) vs. PDF (836kb)

FlashPaper 2, with its full text search capabilities as well as its ability to output both FlashPaper and PDFs is an amazing product and it just goes to show what Flash is capable of.