Asian tsunami disaster relief efforts

Relief efforts of an unprecedented scale are being organized to help survivors of the catastrophic earthquake and resulting tsunami that has devastated twelve countries in Asia, displacing at least 5 million people and killing over 125,000.

All the major charities are accepting donations. Emilie and I contributed our small share to Oxfam (UK), (US, International), who are also helping with the crisis in Sudan.'s homepage has links to other US charity sites.

I'm also pledging 10% of the profits of the two training courses I'm going to be holding in January/February to Oxfam. It may not be much by itself but all these little bits add up and make a difference.

Update: According to Ben Forta, Macromedia has pledged to match all employee contributions to its fund drive for the disaster in Asia. Congratulations on such a great initiative. Also, Nick Bradbury's pledge to donate his earnings for a week from his TopStyle and FeedDemon software has apparently inspired other shareware authors to take action.