Happy Birthday to me: a new look for my blog

As I enter another year on Earth, I thought I'd reward myself with a little birthday present: the luxury of taking a couple of days out to actually design my blog. I think it's about time as I've put it off for about – oh, eight years or so. (This is where I mumble something unintelligible about the footwear of certain young individuals birthed to a cobbler.)

It was really getting to the point where I was ashamed of the blog and thus not posting to it. And my 60,000 or so unique visitors (and you are, all of you unique, don't you forget that) deserved better.

I hope you like the new design. It's running on the excellent Sharpfolio 2 theme by WebRevolutionary.

One note: some of the posts, especially the older ones, may not appear entirely optimized for the new design but it is quite a task to ensure that eight years of content displays correctly when you go pulling the rug from under it by changing the design. I have tried to keep the formatting of existing posts as much as possible and I'm going to continue to tweak the design in the coming days to handle font issues, colors, etc. (I'm not happy with everything yet but I thought I'd put it out there and then evolve it as I go.)

Oh, and finally, I haven't even tested this on Internet Explorer, and nor do I particularly care for it. Just sayin'

Here's to a new year on Earth and a new look for my blog. Hope you like it!