New Commenting Policy Spells Relief for FlashAnt Readers

London, UK - today announced that, effectively immediately, it will be scrapping its current policy of requiring members to request permission to obtain comment posting privileges. According to prolific blogger and part-time Flash guru Aral Balkan (he takes over the night shift when Guy's asleep), this was a move "long overdue."

"The old process was something I implemented hastily is response to a particularly nasty bout of automated blog spam a long time ago and I only just got the chance to hack into the b2 engine and come up with something better." The heavily hacked b2 script is the PHP-based blogging engine that powers

The new system will still require members to register to post comments but this is a quick and automated process and they will no longer be required to send an email requesting permission to post comments. A jubilant Balkan beamed: "There will no longer be any raising or lowering of levels or any other such silly things!" Experts estimate that this will save everyone a lot of time and make the world a better place. Most were eerily silent, however, when quizzed on the impact this move could have on the reproductive health of the rare Amazonian three-toed sloth.

Blog spammers should have no cause to celebrate as a new feature on the blog (the lovingly named "Nuke spammer" button) will mean that any spammers, along with all their comments, can be deleted in a single-click. This, combined with a flood guard and registration, should make life difficult enough for spammers without inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on genuine readers of the blog.