FlashLite Contest Terms Clarified

I'm glad to report Bill Perry responsed to my post regarding the Macromedia FlashLite contest's terms and conditions and that clarified the issue.

Basically, he has given assurances that Macromedia is not looking to use the entries in their own products or services and that the clause in question is there only so they can use entries on their web site or in other promotional materials. I quote from his reply:

"When you submit your content, you do not have to submit any of your source files (FLA), only the published SWF files . . . Macromedia is not in the content business, we are simply interested in providing vehicles that get developers and their creations noticed through promotions and other forms of awareness. This includes the possible use of your submitted content to demonstrate to operators, handset manufacturers, press and analysts and screen shots for marketing materials and inclusion on the Macromedia web site and at conferences and events."

As far as I'm concerned, this clears things up. I just wish the people who wrote these terms & conditions would be clearer in their intent. If they had included the limitation on possible uses that Bill stated, instead of a general clause that could encompass anything, people would never have had an issue with the terms in the first place.

As things stand, I'm looking forward to entering the contest and -- as frustrating as it is to be limited by Flash 4 syntax -- playing with FlashLite over the holidays. There is something to be said about experiencing a feeling of accomplishment the first time you see something you've written playing back on your mobile phone.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the contest and create some FlashLite content already! :)