iPhone 3G S: the ultimate mobile video blogging tool

Iphone 3gs Macro Detail

OK, so I caved in and got an iPhone 3G S approximately half-a-day after it was released and not before bitching up a storm on Twitter about o2's upgrade policies (I finally ponied up for the pay-as-you-go version which means that I'm approximately £450 poorer now and will be living on beans for the rest of the month!) But you know what? It's totally worth it because with the iPhone 3G S I've found the ultimate video blogging tool that I'd been searching for for ages.

First, some history. The Nokia N800 and nearly every recent phone by Nokia, Sony, etc., could have done what Apple did with the iPhone 3G S but they didn't. Canon, Sony, and other camcorder manufacturers could have done it, if only over WiFi, but they didn't. Qik came very close to realizing the ideal but, at least for me, video quality was the reason I stopped using it (and I don't care that the video is live, as long as it's uploaded immediately; "immediacy" is the key word here, not "live"). What Nokia, Adobe, Sony, Canon, Flip, etc., have failed to realize and what Apple has delivered beautifully with the iPhone 3G S, is a mobile tool that lets you shoot, trim, and share your video on YouTube in high quality and without a lengthy transcoding process.

I predict that every video blogger in the universe will be shooting on an iPhone 3G S, if only as their second camera. And I wouldn't be surprised if even the most professional outfits begin shooting and sharing more and more of their video on the iPhone 3G S due simply to its convenience.

And what about quality? You judge: here's a hand-held snap of my MacBook Pro's screen that I took with the iPhone 3G S, in a cafe, with ambient light.

And video quality? Again, here's a short video I shot with the iPhone 3G S and uploaded to YouTube in the same cafe. (The whole process – shooting, trimming, and uploading – worked beautifully.)

I can only imagine that the iPhone 3G S is going to result in a surge of user-generated video content. I am, however, quite disappointed to see that a similar one-click upload to Flickr option doesn't exist for stills (and I can only assume that this is because Apple wants to push its own MobileMe service). Regardless, though, I've found my ultimate video blogging tool and I'm a happy (if somewhat poorer) bunny.