How to run PHP on Google App Engine

AppEngine Java php

Did you know that you can now run PHP on Google App Engine? No, Google hasn't officially added support for PHP yet but they did just add Java support and there's an implementation of PHP in Java called Quercus. Put two and two together and, voilà, you can write PHP apps on Google App Engine. Pretty sweet.

I haven't tried it out myself (and I may never do since I am absolutely in love with Python) but Moriyoshi Koizumi reported that he got it all working using a patched version of Quercus that he calls quercus-gae.

So will this keep PHP developers happy until Google implements PHP support officially? You tell me! Leave a comment below and let us all know whether Quercus-gae worked for you and what gotchas, if any, there are to watch out for. Enjoy!

Thanks go to Roshan Abraham who alerted me to this via email today.