More lies: Sys-Con editor is really actress from San Diego, Sys-Con writer is British male supermodel

Salvatore Genovese ( is a Sys-Con/Ulitzer author. Unlike Ulitzer authors who don't know that they're Ulitzer authors, Salvatore has an email address at Sys-Con listed on his page (which, strangely, is -- I guess Hamilton is a common middle name in Italy, where Salvatore apparently lives). What's more interesting is what Salvatore Genovese looks like. Check out a snapshot of his author page:

Photos Post Salvatore

And now compare Salvatore's photo to this photo of British supermodel David Gandy from his Facebook Fan Page (you can also do a Google Image search for David Gandy to see the same photo):

Photos Post David Gandy

The problem is that Salvatore looks very much like David Gandy. So much so, in fact, that Salvatore's photo is a photo of David Gandy. This fact was uncovered by my friend Robert Hall.

So is this a one-time lapse in judgement or mixup? No, not really...

Enter a tweet by my friend Jens Brynildsen earlier today:

"Meet Ulitzer editor Kym Jones - also known as "illustration for red hair" on Wikipedia! #syscon".

Ms. Kym Jones ( is the editor of the Ulitzer Content Network and, according to her author page, can be reached by phone at Sys-Con (201 802-3041). Unfortunately, as Jens's tweet states, the photo of Ms. Jones is not her own.

Update: My dear friend Mario Klingemann apparently brought the Kym Jones issue to light initially on March 29th in a comment he left on my original post. Sorry for missing that, Mario!

This is a snapshot of her page on Ulitzer:

Photos Post kym

And this is the Wikipedia page on Red Hair:

Photos Wikipedia red Hair

Check out the "Woman with red hair".

Despite everything I've witnessed in the past few days, and despite the David Gandy photo, I thought I'd give Sys-Con the benefit of the doubt. I mean, I guess it was possible that Ms. Kym Jones, being a most wonderful example of a redheaded woman, allowed her image to be used in Wikipedia.

So, clicking on the Wikipedia image, I arrived at a nonexistent page on Flickr belonging to a user called dusdin. I sent dusdin a FlickrMail to ask him if the person in the image was, indeed, Kym Jones of Sys-Con. Here is the response he sent me:

That's a very old photo that I took of an actress that I knew in San Diego, CA.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'd known that someone had posted it on wikipedia to illustrate their "redhead" article, and I had no issues with that. But this is pretty shady.

A few people have been wondering whether Sys-Con's behavior recently with regard to Ulitzer (see Sys-Con goes from bad to worse, launches Ulitzer, attacks community and content creators, And Sys-Con defames me & And Sys-Con libels me *again*) constitutes a lapse in judgement or freak occurrence or whether it is endemic to Sys-Con's regular business practice...

You be the judge.