And Sys-Con defames me

Update: They have now published a second article, at the same URL, titled "Turkish Web Designer Declares Death on Twitter" wherein they state that I am "said to be organizing an underground group to kill or bodily harm the company representatives" and compare me to the gunman who shot Pope John Paul II. Read more about the second article here.

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Sys-Con published an article, dated March 28, 2009, that defames me on a number of their online magazines. I am talking to my lawyers at the moment to find out what my rights are in this and decide how to respond. In the meanwhile, I'm documenting what they did here.

This morning I did a Google search for sys-con aral to see if anyone else had picked up on my blog post on Sys-Con from yesterday. I was surprised to find an article pop up titled "Turkish Web Designers Who Live in London: Aral Balkan" on (direct link) and on

Google Search Syscon Aral

Clicking through, I was even more surprised since the title of the post was different. It read, in Turkish: "Londra'da Yasayan Turk Ibneleri: Aral Balkan". The English translation of this is "Turkish Fags Who Live in London: Aral Balkan":

Web 20 Journal Aral Balkan Libel

(And do you see the lovely Visual Studio ad from Microsoft on the same page? Dear Microsoft, how do you feel about sponsoring Sys-Con now? And, more importantly, what are you going to do about it?)

The article is apparently written by one Engin Sezici who writes on Ulitzer "About corporate crackpots and annoying wack jobs". The article wherein Sys-Con defames me is also published on his site:

Engin Sezici Aral Balkan

If you read on, you see that they copied the bio from my web site. Scrolling down, you get a recent screenshot of my site, followed by this caption:

The website of Aral Balkan says he is a performer and a Renaissance Geek, in Turkish this translates into "hotorof orospu cocugu"

The translation for the Turkish bit is "homosexual son of a bitch". (The first word is such a vulgar slang word for homosexual that I actually had to look it up online.)

Sys con Libel Page Bottom

This is defamation. It's written defamation, published by Sys-Con, and hence it is libel. As of this writing, I have found versions of this article published under a number of Sys-Con online magazines (see a list of some of them, below). As I mentioned initially, I'm taking legal advice from my lawyers as to how to proceed.

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Sys-Con articles wherein I am defamed

I'm adding more to this list as I find them and as they pop up on the Internet.

(Note: You can also add /mobile to the end of any of the above URLs to get a mobile feed specifically for mobile devices.)


Simon Wardley Top Stories

The Sys-Con article that defames me has now risen to their Top Stories section, which displays across all pages on their sites, showing the title ("Turkish Fags Living in London: Aral Balkan"). I'm pretty sure that my friend Simon Wardley will not be pleased to find that his author page at Ulitzer ( is displaying the title of that article under his name.


Sun, March 29, 6:38pm: Looks like they've removed the pages from their web site. A google search for sys-con aral still brings back the content though.

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