Google App Engine removes evil High CPU Quota, raises file sizes to 10MB, requests to 30 seconds.

App Engine limits removed

I woke up this morning to some great news in my inbox from Pete Koomen, one of the engineers on the App Engine team who was kindly helping me out with the issues I was having last year and whom I've been liaising with since regarding App Engine:

Subject: I think you might enjoy this

Thanks for all the feedback and patience, Aral — it really made it clear to us how much of a pain point this was for developers, and I'm thrilled to see this limit erased!

Basically, the crippling high CPU quotas that I've been bitching high and low about have been entirely removed, file size limits have been raised to 10MB from 1MB, and the response deadline quota has been raised to 30 seconds from 10.

Woot! Thanks for the heads up and thanks for listening, Pete, Paul, Guido! You guys rock! :)