What makes you happy #makesmehappy


This morning, I woke up to grey skies and rain. It's easy to get discouraged by the smallest things; the weather, something that doesn't work, bad news... But recently I've been finding little bits of happiness in the smallest things, things that remind me how lucky I am and that we really shouldn't sweat the small stuff (and, as the adage goes, it's all small stuff.)

So, being the twitterholic that I am, I tweeted:

Little rays of sunshine that brighten up my day, there are things that make me happy, and cast rainbows on the grey. What makes you happy?

I'll start you off: My iPhone #makesmehappy :)

And you guys started joining in. How cool!

We usually tweet about the things that piss us off and annoy us (I know I do, in ernest!) and that's cool — what're friends, even virtual ones, for, after all? Nevertheless, it's refreshing to reflect on and share the things that make us happy too. Happiness is quite contagious!

So, what makes you happy? Twitter it and share the happiness!

Update: Jonathan Markwell responded to my tweet musing about a happiness calculator/aggregator by creating an "instant social micro-site" using Social Plume: check out Things That Make People Happy!. Cool :)

Update: Just noticed this happy juxtapositioning on today's TweetStats Twitter TrendCloud between #makesmehappy and President Obama :)

President Obama #makesmehappy on Twitter Trend Cloud