Bye bye, Pownce


I have to admit that I didn't use Pownce — heck, I only use Twitter because it's so light and takes almost no commitment whatsoever — but, as I recently tweeted, it was weirdly comforting to know that it was there and I'm actually sad to see it go.

Pownce was a lovely app and, furthermore, one of those apps where you got the feeling that the development team was really trying to do things the best way possible. Kudos to Leah for doing a great job in developing it. Knowing how much of ourselves we out into our applications, it must not have been an easy decision to shut Pownce down.

(On a related note, it was interesting to read this month's Inc. magazine feature on Kevin Rose and not see Leah's name mentioned at all when they mentioned Pownce.)

As a possible side-effect of all this, I'm happy to see that Leah has apparently started blogging more about Django and development again, including her latest post on CouchDB with Django.

Here's wishing the Pownce team best of luck at their new home with Six Apart.