Graphics and trackpad glitches on new Macbook Pro under OS X 10.5.5

Safari Borked Graphics

Oh noes, there's something wrong with my new Macbook Pro.

The above screenshot is how my blog looks when I scroll with the trackpad in Safari (scrolling works correctly when using the arrow keys and the glitches clear if you resize the window).

I'm getting the same tearing in TextMate and I also just saw it happen in Firefox 3.0.4, although it appears to be less frequent on that browser.

And things are flickering in certain applications — buttons, etc. The line of text I'm writing right now in TextMate is flickering.

I'm going to try restarting and hope the problem goes away. However, based on reports by other people with the same issue, it may not. (And the weird thing is, I've had this computer for about two weeks now and this is the first time I'm seeing this issue.)

I'm not too happy with the buttonless new glass trackpad, either. It freezes up briefly every now and then and sometimes will not register clicks. Reportedly, there's a software update on its way to fix the trackpad issues.

Here's hoping that Apple fixes these glitches before I start kicking myself for having spent so much money on a new laptop when I had a perfectly functional two-year-old Macbook Pro that still works like a charm and that I still love.

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