Tim O'Reilly, Richard Moross, Jeremy Keith, Paul Boag, Simon Willison, ...

... Chris Heilmann, Stephanie Troeth, Ann McMeekin, Seb Lee Delisle, Steve Webster, Carlos Ulloa, Gavin Starks, Gavin Bell, and Simon Wardley are going to be presenting live from the London Hub of the <head> web conference at our awesome Magic Circle venue in Euston.

We are also going to be holding remote uplinks with Rafi Haladjian from France, and Gary Vaynerchuk and Lynda Weinman from the States.

See the full schedule here.

The event starts at 3pm. The event is fully-catered and the the evening will end with a 1.5hr cocktail reception with warm finger-food, wine, and drinks.

There are under a hundred tickets left and tickets cost just $149 (or about £85.)

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss your chance: get your ticket and sign up for the London hub now.