<head> local conference hub registrations start today!

Local conference hub sign-ups for the <head> web conference will begin today (Monday, October 20th) at 15:00 UTC.

(That's 8AM in San Francisco, 4PM for the UK, and 5PM in Switzerland.)

This year, we have local conference hubs in London (UK), Brighton (UK), Manchester (UK), Fribourg (Switzerland), and San Francisco (USA).

(We also have a virtual Second Life hub but you don't have to sign up to attend that one!)

Attendance at the local hubs is limited to <head> conference attendees, so get your <head> ticket now — they're only $149 (or about £85/€110) — if you want a chance to attend at a local hub.

Please note that we have very few places at the hubs and places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Being a <head> attendee does not automatically guarantee you a place at a local hub so make sure that you sign up early to avoid disappointment!