FOTB: Session change - Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit (or 5 Rules for Hedonistic Creatives)

A last minute change:

I'm going to be presenting my brand new session, Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit (or 5 Rules for Hedonistic Creatives) at Flash on the Beach next week.

The session got rave reviews at previews in Amsterdam and Belgium this week and I hope you guys will enjoy it too at FOTB in Brighton.

Here's the new description:

This session is for creatives — developers, designers, and artists — who make things, want to make things, haven't a clue where to start making things, or feel frustrated trying to make things and procrastinate. Aral Balkan has been there and done that. Come by for a humorous and inspirational talk from a creative who has made all the mistakes and enjoys making a conscious effort everyday to keep making new ones.

Learn the 5 Rules for Hedonistic Creatives: grab the low-hanging fruit, create, share, profit, and play! Create experiences that give joy and delight and start down your own path to becoming a happier creative.

Here's what preview audiences in Amsterdam and Belgium thought of this session:

"It put things in perspective again. Next thing I'll be making will be fun!" - Jankees van Woezik

"Experience the simple life of a developer and how easy it all should be." - Jonas De Smet

"Amazingly funny and inspiring talk . . . a life lesson" - Rob Slegtenhorst

"Was a blast, so inspiring!" - Cyril Hanquez

"Great and inspiring performance" - Bert Hagendoorn

"I had tears of laughter in my eyes . . . The session was not stuffed with revolutionary guidelines, but everyday things that people forget because they are afraid of sharing, of being different, of creating what they want, rather than what other people want them to create." - Sarah Deforche

"It was a real pleasure to see someone on stage really, and I mean _really_ caring about what they had to say. It’s not so common to hear voices nowadays without a clearly commercially or enterprise (yuck) driven agenda . . . Your session was insightful, inspiring, but most of all fun. Just like life should be." - Theun de Bruijn

(Read more feedback here.)

See you all at FOTB!