Amsterdam and Ghent was so much fun!

I had an absolute blast previewing my new talk, Aim for the low-hanging fruit (or 5 rules for Hedonistic Developers), at the Adobe User Group events in Amsterdam and Ghent during the Adobe CS4 launch.

I always love presenting in both the Netherlands and Belgium -- you guys are so awesome -- and this time was no exception.

I don't know how it's possible, given that I've had just a total of 5 1/2 hours sleep in the last two nights and that I presented talks in two different countries yesterday -- but I'm feeling refreshed and recharged and raring to tackle the last month leading up to the conference.

Oh, and one small request:

If you attended either of the talks, I'd really love it if you could a comment and a short review. I'm trying to write up a summary for the talk and I keep getting stuck. How would you describe what you saw? Leave a note (or send me a 140 review on Twitter) and I'll use my favorites in the session description in the future (with full credit to you, of course, so make sure you leave your name). Thanks so much in advance!