Is Adobe taking the piss? Unimpressed with the new CS4 logo.

Cs 4 Logo

The economy must be worse than we imagined if Adobe has to resort to having first-year typography students design the logo for their new product line. I mean, really, what's the deal with the new logo? Is it a 4 with an Elvis hair cut? A face? Is the CS spitting out the 4 (or, goodness forbid, throwing it up?) Why is Adobe, a company that makes kick-ass design products, entirely constipated when it comes to branding its own products?

First there were the poorly-executed periodic table of elements logos and now this. Seriously, I feel that this new logo just does not reflect the ridiculous amount of hard work that the various teams are putting into these products.

Please, Adobe, hire a design firm so that CS5 actually reflects the amazing products that you make.

Also, it appears that Adobe's Screw Britannia program is still going strong. While our cousins across the pond will be buying CS4 Master Collection for $2,499, we're going to be paying over $1,000 more + VAT for the same thing (£1,969 + VAT or about $3,647.11 + VAT, according to

It seems that every year or so we start bitching about the same three things — these are not great traditions to have and Adobe can and should tackle these issues as I am sure that it is harming them more than anything else. These are:

Now that that's all out of the way, I have to say that I'm ridiculously excited about the CS4 products and I can't wait to get my hands on these new puppies.

Right after I publish this, I'm going to head to the gate and board a plane to Amsterdam for the CS4 launch. Can't wait! See you guys in Amsterdam!