It's going to be brilliant in Belgium and the Netherlands


When Owen asked me if I'd speak at the Adobe CS4 launch this coming Tuesday in the Netherlands, I wasn't sure if I had time with 33.7 days left to go for the <head> web conference. But you know what, I love the community in the Netherlands and have some wonderful friends over there so I said "yes". Then he asked if I'd consider doing a talk in Belgium too on the same day. Umm... Yeah, I'm a sucker! :)

So my itinerary looks something like this: 9am, I fly out of Gatwick for the Netherlands, speak there, take a road trip with a couple of Adobians to Belgium, speak there, enjoy the lovely champagne and BBQ party, and then fly out at 7am in the morning.

My itinerary for Wednesday, on the other hand, looks something like this: sleep.

Of course, it would, in an ideal world.

In reality, I'm going to be back and working on finalizing the schedule for the conference and liaising with speakers and updating sponsors and managing the press releases and, oh yes, the London hub! :)

See you guys in the Netherlands and Belgium on Tuesday. I can't wait! :)