Sponsorship updates on the <head> web conference site

I've just implemented a few changes on the <head> web conference site that should hopefully get more exposure for our wonderful list of sponsors.

Effectively immediately, all our sponsors have their own pages where you can learn more about them.

We've moved the micro-sponsors page off of the main navigation and into the sponsors section and, to compensate for this and to give the micro-sponsors more exposure than before, we have a new feature that randomly displays a micro-sponsor on the main page and on the sponsors side-bar. Also, the list of micro-sponsors is now randomly ordered so that all micro-sponsors can get exposure above the fold.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of our sponsors again for their support of the conference. If you have a moment, check out our sponsors and micro-sponsors and share the love. We couldn't do this without you! :)

<head> micro-sponsorships are still just $199 until the end of September and come with a ticket to attend the conference - get yours today, support the conference, and get recognized!