Happy LHC Day


CERN activated the LHC a little over an hour ago. Looks like we're all still here, so happy LHC day everyone! (Famous last words?) :P

I was lucky enough earlier this year to enter the LHC and have one of the last tours of it (once activated, it is too radioactive for people to venture in). Watch a video of the tour (and part II) that Robert Scoble shot on the day and play "Spot the Aral!"

It was an awesome day, we had Ben Segal along — (plug, plug) he's speaking at the <head> web conference — and he took us on a personal tour afterwards to show us the computer that Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server on... ah, memories!

CERN LHC tour - part I

CERN LHC tour - part II

Here Higgsy, Higgsy, Higgsy...