We haven't changed the name of the conference to "Over Quota"

Google app Engine Over Quota

Update: The quotas have been reset, the site is back up, and engineers at Google are monitoring them and working closely with me until we can figure out what the issue is and fix it. If you try to access the new <head> web site to see the new design, you might find it a little minimalist for your liking. You might also think that we've gone and changed the name again, this time to "403 Over Quota".

Google App Engine's short-term quota errors are killing us.

The new site for the <head> conference went live late last night and has been up and down all morning.

The Google App Engine quota system is fundamentally broken. You cannot have a cloud solution that "intelligently" takes sites down, essentially making every site running on it into a Twitter at the height of its troubles.

I can't even catch those Over Quota errors to display an apology message -- and I am profusely sorry and apologize if you have been trying to access the site this morning (believe me, the code's in there, it's just not getting triggered by these short-term quota errors.) It's very frustrating to say the least.

And I have no idea what's causing them. The logs have over quota messages, telling me that I'm 1.0x over quota (???) on requests that result in 404 errors. That's right, you can hit a non-existing page on the site and cause it to have an over quota error. That should be great news for denial-of-service attackers everywhere.

Sorry to vent but it just plain sucks when you work so hard on something only to have it made unavailable in such an inconsiderate way.

The way quotas are (mis)handled is the biggest thorn in Google App Engine's side. I can only conceive that the decision to implement quotas in such a barbaric fashion came from a Microsoft spy trained personally by Steve Ballmer and sent into the bowels of the Googleplex to infiltrate the Google App Engine team and cripple an otherwise excellent and revolutionary system that is -- this one major showstopper aside -- a joy to develop on.

This isn't Google Toy Engine, it's Google App Engine and it's about time that it started acting like a scalable cloud solution instead of a flashback to free Geocities or Tripod hosting with its over quota messages.

There is so much to love in Google App Engine but the quota system is simply broken and must be fixed.