<head>s up: Singularity Web Conference becomes <head>

head conference new web site screenshot

<head>line news: the Singularity Web Conference is now <head>.

So you don't think that we're out of our <head>s for <head>ing in such a radically new direction just two months before the conference, know that we didn't take the decision lightly.

You see, we came <head> to <head> with a company called Singularity Limited when their lawyers sent us a letter stating that they had registered Singularity as a trademark for, among other things, conferences. Although it doesn't appear that Singularity Limited currently runs any conferences, we decided to keep our <head>s and proactively change the name of the conference to <head> off a potentially lengthy, complicated, and costly legal conversation.

Once we took the decision to change the name at the end of last week, we launched <head> first into a rebranding effort and made great <head>way, completing the process in just over two days.

We're <head> over heels in love with our new name and our new look (Alvin was especially ecstatic when he saw the new site) and we hope that you will be too.

In the midst of all these changes, we thought that a little stability would be good to have so we're keeping one thing the same: the price. We're extending the early-bird discount until the end of September, so tell your friends — blog, vlog, tweet — and let the world know that tickets can still be had for $99.

And just how are preparations for the conference itself coming along? It's full steam a<head> at conference <head>quarters, with daily announcements of excellent new sessions from our stellar line-up of over seventy speakers.

<head> over to our newly-redesigned web-site to check out our new look and get your ticket today to attend this seminal global web conference for just $99.