New session announcements at the Singularity Web Conference

I just added a sessions list to the Singularity Web Conference site so you can easily skim the announced sessions in one place.

The topics are eclectic and range from First "Principles of Web Accessibility" by Mike Davies from Yahoo! to "The best way to predict the future is to invent it" by Carlos Ulloa of Papervision3D.

Just some of the highlights:

Let All Things Be Connected by Rafi Haladjian, father of the Nabaztag bunny:

Since the end of the 70's we consider that computers (and mobile phones) are the only way to interact with information. Now the time has come to go to the next step.

Web Hooks: Real pipes for the web by Jeff Lindsay:

The web hooks pattern is a simple and pragmatic solution that will change the dynamics of the web as much as the adoption of web APIs. By complementing web APIs and RSS, web hooks will give us empowering infrastructure similar to Unix command pipelining, but on a grander scale. Pipes for the web have not yet been fully realized, but web hooks can change this. They also come with the added potential for allowing users to customize and extend web applications.

In this talk, Jeff Lindsay will describe the pattern in theory and by example, and explain the implications and importance of mass adoption.

Big Spaceship: Digital Creative Agency by Joshua Hirsch, Minister of Technology at Big Spaceship:

Get a glimpse behind the scenes and learn about the approach, philosophy, structure, process, techniques and culture of award winning creative agency Big Spaceship.

The Essential Elements of Great Web Applications by Robert Hoekman, Jr., author of designing the obvious and designing the moment:

Most great web applications have a few key things in common. But can you name them? Better yet—can you achieve them consistently in your own projects?

In this session, Robert Hoekman, Jr., author of Designing the Moment (New Riders) and the Amazon bestseller Designing the Obvious (New Riders), describes the qualities of great web-based software and how to achieve them. See why it’s important to build only what’s absolutely essential, apply instructive design, create error-proof interactions, surface commonly-used features, and more in this informative session that will change the way you work and enable your users to walk away from your software feeling productive, respected, and smart.

Education in the Internet Age by Lynda Weinman, author, teacher, and founder of

We live in a game-changing age that's both disruptive and democratic, and requires that we challenge our past assumptions and play by new rules. It's clear to us industry insiders life as usual has forever been altered, but our formal educational systems trail behind and aren't keeping pace. What are the challenges to education in this age – where is the correct balance between real and virtual? Lynda Weinman, founder of (one of the largest online education subscription sites in the world) discusses her views on this and related topics such as assessment, mentorship, authenticity, advertising, subscriber support, information, inspiration, and much more. Defining the role between the computer and the teacher, what is left best to technology and left best to live human interaction, is going define the future of education.

See the full list of sessions on the Singularity Web Conference web site.

Tickets for the Singularity Web Conference are just $99 until the end of August.

New sessions are being added every day, so check back for updates!