Going solo in the UK? Don't miss Going Solo Leeds!

Going Solo Leeds Badge.Going Solo Leeds is a one day educational conference for freelancers and small businesses on September 12th in Leeds, UK.

This is just the conference I wish was around when I was starting my business six years ago with lots of wide-eyed optimism and nary a clue.

Check out the topics list:

What a minute, what am I saying, after reading that list, Going Solo Leeds is the conference I wish my crazy schedule would allow me to attend six years on from setting up my own business.

I don't do client work anymore but balancing work and life and being productive without getting stressed out are two things I grapple with all the time. And, chances are, if you're a freelancer or thinking of becoming one, the topics above will have crossed your mind at least (if not kept you up at night).

("Going solo" by freelancing or setting up your own business can be hugely rewarding -- I personally couldn't do it any other way -- but it's not always a walk in the park.)

When I first arrived in London to set up my do-it-all-digital-agency (hint: focus is an important thing, I only learned later), I surrounded myself with every business book I could find. Truth is, what I really should have done was talk to people. And talk to other freelancers. That's why this conference is so cool. Six years later, I know I'd still benefit from attending (am I talking myself in to attending as I write this post, I wonder?)

Stephanie Booth, who is organizing the conference, is an avid professional blogger, entrepreneur, and someone I'm honored to call my friend. If you've ever met her in real life you'll find that she's beaming with energy and I know first hand from our conversations that she's been channelling every bit of that energy into Going Solo Leeds to make it even better than the hugely successful first Going Solo conference in Lausanne.

Stephanie's given me two special codes that you guys can use to register for the event.

The first is the mega-special-omg-its-awesome-wow-wow-wow code (hey, I'm just the messenger here, I don't make up these names, honest!) With that code, you'll get a whopping 30% off the price of a ticket.

The catch is that I only have two of those codes to give away. So the first two people to email me will get that. The other catch is that you must promise me that you're going to sign up (geeks honor and all that!) Fire me an email at aral@aralbalkan.com and I'll send you the code.

Once those two are gone, don't despair, as I have another code for you: Use the code singularity to register and you will get 10% off the price.

If you're freelancing or thinking about freelancing or setting up your own business, don't miss Going Solo Leeds.