Resizing embedded screencasts with TechSmith Jing

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Jing is a wonderful, free, cross-platform app from Techsmith for recording screen captures and screencasts. It lets you share your recordings immediately (without a separate encoding process) through Techsmith's screencast hosting service, Flickr, and via your own web server with FTP access.

One thing I couldn't get it to do was to embed by recorded screencast with smaller dimensions on my blog. This is because Jing sets Stage.scaleMode = "noScale" in the SWFs that it creates.

The way around this is to use Burak Kalayci's excellent Action Script Viewer to change the "noScale" value to "showAll".

Watch the screencast above (which uses the technique itself), to see how to do it.

I do hope that Techsmith removes that line of code from their generated screencast SWFs as it will make it much easier for us to embed Jing screencasts on our blogs and share them and make an already-excellent product even better!