Screencast demonstrating the first Google App Engine data export solution (full backup and restore)

This is a quick screencast to show you the data export solution I've created for Google App Engine that lets you backup your application's datastore and restore it either locally on your development machine or on the same Google App Engine application on the deployment environment or on a different Google App Engine application (which you can use as a staging environment).

That's right, this solves one of the big criticisms I've seen levelled at Google App Engine, which is that there is no way to export your data from your applications.

With this solution, not only can you export your data but you can also easily restore it.

I am going to be sharing the solution with you in the coming days as a separate open source project in the form of a Django application that you can plug into your own applications as part of the Singularity Web Conference Open Initiatives program (stay tuned for updates on that front).

In the meanwhile, watch the screencast to see how the backup and restore solution works.

View the full-resolution screencast on