A nightmare

I don't usually remember my dreams but this morning I woke from a horrible nightmare in which everything was going wrong. It's actually quite funny...

We're at this Flash conference but it's being held at this horrible hotel. You know the kind where it was pretty swanky in the 70s but hasn't seen a new coat of paint since. Where, like a hostile witness, the ancient smell of mold from the carpets reveals a far deeper decay masking the lethargy of the not-quite-dead.

So a pretty crap conference.

We're all milling about, not attending sessions and our band is supposed to play that night but I've forgotten my microphone. And no, they don't have a Beta 58 for me. I begrudgingly accept an SM 58 (you know things are going to get bad in a dream when you have to sing with an SM 58.)

So everything is set up for our performance but the band's just sitting in a different room, chatting lazily. We're supposed to be on at 9pm. It's 11pm. I start asking about the performance. "Maybe tomorrow." That's horrible, what about the audience? They've been waiting.

No one cares.

Oh boy.

Where's Stephanie?

I start searching for Stephanie in the hotel and find her asleep in her room. The door's unlocked. I have a go at her for leaving the door unlocked only to discover that she's hit her head and doesn't remember who I am. Strangely enough, that makes me remember another dream where the same thing happened and I was able to remind her.

This time though, trying to trace back her steps results in my finding out that she had a romantic dinner "with some Scottish guy."

Oh boy.

And then there's an earthquake.

And I wake. :)