Singularity Web Conference ticket sales and micro-sponsorships kick off!

New Singularity Web Conference web site

Tickets and micro-sponsorships for the Singularity Web Conference have started!

Reserve your ticket today!


Tickets cost just $99 (inc. VAT) during the early bird discount. Micro-sponsorships cost $199 (inc. VAT) and include one ticket to attend singularity. You can purchase a micro-sponsorship as an add-on on the tickets page.

This also marks the launch of our new web site on Google App Engine, which I'll be writing more about both here and on O'Reilly InsideRIA in the coming days. I can't wait to share what I've been learning about developing on Google App Engine with you.

A special note for the initial (pre-announcement) Singularity badge-holders

When I first announced Singularity, I didn't tell anyone what it was. Instead, if you put a badge on your web site before it was revealed, I promised that we would have a little "thank you" for you. About two hundred of you put the badges up. It was an overwhelming response. You guys were there from the beginning and I appreciate your support more than you can know. And I want to take extra special care of you.

Update: If you're in this group, please see this post for instructions on how to claim the thank-you present I promised you in February.

To infinity, and beyond!

Yay! The launch of ticket sales is just the beginning. Our focus this year with Singularity is in delivering a solid experience. As such our attention is squarely on creating infrastructure and our guiding design mantra is "form follows function". I feel that the site has strong foundations and I look forward to revealing a couple of simple social features in the coming days. From here on, the site will be evolving constantly.

We are also working with Ayo Binitie and John Dalziel to create the conference application and the conference schedule. Expect updates on those fronts in the coming days also.

New speakers

We have a wonderful line-up of confirmed speakers that we haven't announced yet -- expect announcements in the coming days. And don't forget to check out our excellent group of announced speakers.

Up and running!

I want to say a special thank-you to those of you who have already signed up for tickets and our first micro-sponsors (I announced ticket sales on Twitter and on the Singularity RSS feed an hour ago and I'm so happy that we're having such a strong response from the very beginning.) If you haven't already signed up, I hope you will join us in making history as we launch the world's first global web conference.

Check out the new Singularity web site and reserve your ticket today!