Singularity: new site update

You know, if there's one truism about web development, it's really easy. Except when it's not.

I was gearing up to launch the new Singularity web site this morning when I started noticing random errors on the deployment environment last night.

The errors feel like they are related to how long calls are taking to return from PayPal to Google App Engine. It's a hairy one because everything works perfectly well on the local development server and randomly fails in the deployment environment on Google App Engine (and it doesn't fail with a DeadlineExceededError, as you would expect). Just to keep things interesting, the behavior between the PayPal Sandbox and live environments is also different (works on the Sandbox, randomly fails on live.)

Needless to say, I'm working on this issue and the new site and ticket sales for Singularity will commence once I'm confident that I've got a satisfactory fix for it as I don't plan on launching the new site until it is rock solid.

All this to say that I'm sorry about the delays, I'm going to keep you posted as I know more, and I plan on writing a comprehensive blog post once I've resolved this so that other developers can be aware of and hopefully sidestep these issues in the future.

Thank you all for your patience.