password usability

Hmm, I need to log in again to after clearing out my passwords. I wonder why my regular passwords don't work... oh well, time to start the forgotten password process.

Cool, got the email and now I'm on the site -- this should be simple:

Delicious password stupidity - screen 1

I enter a weak password -- this isn't too important an account after all. Submit.

Delicious password stupidity - screen 2

What's this? It's too short? Well why didn't you tell me on the first screen? Mumble, grumble... I type a longer password. Submit.

Delicious password stupidity - screen 3

Aaaaaaaaargh!!! You fool!

  1. Why does a simple social bookmarking service need such strong passwords?
  2. If you do need them, give people the criteria on the first screen!

This is how the form should look: Delicious password screen alternative

I love you, -- please fix this!