Singularity web conference: register your interest and help me test with the new teaser on Google App Engine

Singularity web conference new web site teaser

Take a sneak peek at the new Singularity web site on Google App Engine. You can sign up for the site, which will go live in July, and register your interest in the conference and help me test out the deployment environment. (And yes, Singularity is inverting its colors for the second half of the year.)

The current teaser is a glorified "coming soon" page but with one important difference: You can pre-register for the new site using your Google account.

If you have a moment, please sign up for the new site and help me test the deployment environment before we open up the actual site in July along with ticket sales.

I would really appreciate your feedback if you notice any issues (especially quota-related errors). I hope that Google will be removing the quotas for our application but I haven't heard anything definitive back from them yet.

The registration process currently asks you for your name, your email address (if you'd like to use a different one to the one on your Google account), and for your location.

The location data is really important for us as we create the schedule for the conference. The conference is going to run for 48 hours straight, over three days and be attended by people from around the world so the more location and timezone data we have, the better we can create a schedule that meets your needs. You can give as little or as much detail as you like for your location (country/city/town/even postal code) and we do our best to calculate your timezone based on that and on what your computer tells us your timezone is. (I'm using the Yahoo GeoPlanet API for much of this and I am _very_ impressed by it.)

Check out the new Singularity web site teaser and sign up to join the Singularity community.