OpenID on Google App Engine (and how you can help make it happen!)

Update: Ryan just updated me that the issue we should be starring for this is Issue 404 not Issue 17.

You can almost but not quite create an OpenID consumer on Google App Engine today using python-openid.

Unfortunately, redirects to external OpenID providers are failing and Google currently does not think that this is a high priority to fix (this is where you can help, read on.)

Ryan from the Google App Engine team had this to say:

We do intercept some redirects for security reasons, which breaks apps like openid consumers and providers. This is why currently fails on many consumers.

It's not a high priority, but we do plan to look into this eventually. Feel free to file an issue on the issue tracker and star it; if it gets enough votes, that will help convince us to prioritize the fix!

Ryan even has an open source OpenID consumer example* that would be working if it wasn't for this bug.

Read this thread on the forums for all the juicy details.

How you can help

There is already an issue where this is being discussed: Issue 17 - OpenID Support Issue 404 (When urlfetch.fetch is used to retrieve redirected web page, the new URL location is not given).

Please _star_ this issue to show your support and join the conversation on the forum.

* svn checkout google-app-engine-samples-read-only to get the OpenID consumer example as well as the other Google App Engine examples.