SHOCK, HORROR as Aral changes session description for Multi-Mania (or: "Ruling the web: 12 things you must know as a Flash developer in the next 10 years.")

OK, I couldn't help it. There's so much tabloid journalism going on in our industry these days that it's probably not long before we actually start seeing such titles. I'm waiting for: JEREMY KEITH IN ALIEN BABY CONSPIRACY!!! (all caps and three exclamation marks and all).

So what was I saying again? Oh yes, I've just sent an updated session description to Koen for my talk at Multi-Mania. Don't worry, the Google App Engine stuff is still in there (ooh, Google App Engine, yummm!) But there's more... :)

Here's the updated session info:

Ruling the web: 12 things you must know as a Flash developer in the next 10 years.

Flash has been evolving at a breakneck speed in the last decade but the rest of the web has not been sitting idly by either. Quite on the contrary, there is a revolution underway in how web developers are building applications for the World Wide Web that is redefining the limits of traditional web development and hurtling it on a glorious collision course with Flash. So much so that I predict that in the next ten years we will see a merging of these worlds. Are you ready for this brave new web?

Join Aral for a whirlwind tour of 12 things that you must know as a Flash developer if you want to understand, survive, participate in, and help shape the future of the web.

Topics covered include HTML, CSS, web standards, progressive enhancement, accessibility, HTTP, RESTful interfaces and beautiful URIs, APIs, Python (the new BASIC), scalability (entering the cloud), the rise of the commodity web and Google App Engine, and best practices for Flash and Flex development with The GAE SWF Project.

Warning: Expect a flying pig.

I'm psyched to hear that over 300 of you have already signed up to attend. Multi-Mania is always such a wonderful experience -- I can't wait -- it's going to be a blast!