You wanna piece of me?

Aral Moo Mosaic

I love trying new things with Moo cards whenever I run out of a batch.

This time around, I thought it would be fun to take one large image and break it up into a hundred small cards to create a Moo card mosaic.

I started with a lovely photo of myself as The Phantom of the Opera that Jane Dallaway took last year at my fancy dress Friday 13th housewarming party and sliced it into a hundred pieces with Photoshop. (I also applied a little Smart Blur to it to so that you would not be subjected to too much detail of my overly-magnified facial pores!)

If you want to create your own Moo card mosaics, grab this Photoshop file (.zip; 0.5MB) that's set to the correct dimensions and comes pre-sliced for your convenience. (Just do a Save for Web after adding your own picture to it and you'll get a hundred images that you can zip up and upload to Moo.)

So if you see me around, feel free to ask for a piece of me -- you might just get one! :)

Relly has a much nicer close-up of the cards than my pic (using my camera, no less, which is now her camera) :)