Pistach.io entering beta testing

Pistach.io is entering beta testing.

You've probably noticed the Pistach.io ad on my site for a little while now. Peter Elst was helping us alpha test the ad rotation. Seb's got his badge up as well and the other beta testers from the Pistach.io Flash Pack will be adding theirs shortly.

So what's Pistach.io and the Pistach.io Flash Pack? We're a group of highly regarded and influential Flashers who are banding together to monetize our web sites in an elegant way: With a single ad, prominently displayed across all of our web sites. (Read more about Pistach.io here.)

Dave and I have been working for the past few months to build a system that is massively scalable and can handle any number of packs. We're kicking things off with the Flash Pack and we're open to suggestions about new packs. Dave will no doubt be blogging about the technical side of things in the future and it should make for an interesting read as we've built Pistach.io on Amazon's EC2, S3, and SimpleDB systems. We are also going to be using Amazon's Persistent Storage for EC2.

We're starting to sell ads during the beta period. If you are interested in advertising on the Flash Pack, contact me at aral@pistach.io.

I will be posting more information, including rates and the list of Flash Pack sites that are taking part in the beta test, in the coming days.

We also still have room in the Flash Pack. If you're a top Flash designer or developer and want to join an cool group of your peers and monetize your site in a way that respects your users and actually reinforces your reputation instead of tarnishing it, get in touch with me at aral@pistach.io.