Enabling incompatible extensions with FireFox 3 Beta 5

I just upgraded to FireFox 3 Beta 5 and immediately felt the loss of FireBug. Although FireFox can't automatically locate an update for it, FireBug 1.1 works in Beta 5 so grab it now!

Also feeling the loss of my del.icio.us bookmarks, HTML Validator extension, and Alexa rating graph, I googled for a possible solution and came across this useful tip:

Enter about:config into your address bar, right-click in the window and select New -> Boolean and enter extensions.checkCompatibility for the preference name and false for the value.

Now, go into Tools -> Add-ons and manually disable your non-essential plugins (no need to tempt fate) and restart. You can enable your existing plugins one by one and see which ones work. All of my essential plugins work well under Beta 5.

Update: I've gone back to using the release versions of FireFox 2 and Firebug after running into issues with the JS console.