The GAE SWF Project version 1.34

I've moved the common base classes for the framework to the actionscript folder in the root of the project. Add this folder to your class path in both Flash and Flex projects.

Note that your document class in Flash projects should extend org.gaeswf.flash.BaseApplication and your Application MXML in Flex should be of type org.gaeswf.flex.BaseApplication (if none of this makes any sense to you, see my Flex 3 Code Behind Quick Start.)

Remember that I'm constantly updating the framework and will continue to do so as we build Singularity. Expect changes! :)

Update: Apparently, I blogged it but didn't push it up to appspot. Doh! So instead, you get an even more updated version 1.34 now.

The new additions are currently only to the Flex client and include a public state in addition to Home (which led me to revise and generalize how I was handling the deep links back from login and logout to support apps with a mix of authenticated and non-authenticated states).

The new public state is called "Mouse wheel" and demonstrates how to make the mouse wheel work in Flash on OS X (it doesn't by default) by using Ali Rantakari's excellent ExternalMouseWheelSupport package.

Update: I just saw that the site had validation errors which I've now fixed. It validates as HTML 4.01 Strict. This is not in the 1.34 source release but will be in the next one.