That fragile thing we call the Internet

Sure, it can withstand a nuclear war, and we've got some records, but how much of our beloved Internet is a database error away from being lost?

Reading Robin Wauter's tweet and the heart-wrenching paragraph that is all that's left of one man's four years of blogging, it made me think again how little time most of us devote to backing things up.

How would you feel if you lost all your blog posts?

So here's what I propose: an annual Backup Your Blog Day. Maybe on April 1st ('cos only fools don't back up!) Or... (date suggestions?)

There's apparently already a monthly 13th Blog Backup Day. (And, ideally, you'd be doing automated backups every day or week but we don't live in an ideal world so I'll take pragmatic over ideal any day!)

We need twitter avatar badges and blog chicklets. Who's up for designing them? And it would rock to have a Wordpress plugin that reminds you to make a manual backup of your blog.