Mullet Power FTW!

Singularity sponsored BarcampBrighton2 and the Brighton Girl Geek Dinner this month and the mullets did battle for inside these innocuous looking silver envelopes everyone got three Mullet Power cards to do battle with.

Mullet Power cards

The top three winners at BarcampBrighton2 won tickets to Singularity. And they were Nathan Murphy (35 cards), Lincoln Smith (20 cards), and Ryan Alexander (12 cards), seen below wearing prize mullets. Congrats guys! :)

We can haz Singularity: Nathan Murphy, Lincoln Smith, and Ryan Alexander win at Mullet Power at BarcampBrighton2

Oh yeah, Nathan, I need your email address... drop me an email at

We reprised the game at last night's Brighton Girl Geek Dinner and I'm waiting for the final tally to determine the winner there. The top contender at the moment is Gillian Pearce with 24 Mullet Power cards that she won fair and square (no begging, borrowing, or foraging!). Unless we have any challengers come forward by Monday, I will be proclaiming Gillian the winner!

Who be Winner Like

I leave you with this lovely photo of Lincoln and Ryan in the heat of battle. What? Of course it wasn't staged! Ye have little faith.

Lincoln and Ryan Play Mullet Power

Muchas dankes go to Madhava for the pics of Lincoln and Nathan, Molly Holzschlag for the pic of Ryan, and Serena for lending me her camera to shoot Lincoln and Ryan. More danke yous to Rosie and Devi for organizing the lovely Girl Geek Dinner and to the BarcampBrighton2 gang for an awesome Barcamp.