OSFlash Job Board relaunch: Flash, Flex, and ActionScript job listings at half price

Do you have a Flash, Flex, or ActionScript job to post? Post it on the OSFlash Job Board.

I've just relaunched the OSFlash Job Board and all jobs listings are 50% off this week if you use the coupon code RELAUNCH. This expires on April 1st, 2008 (no joke!) :)

If you want to get notified of new jobs, you can get job alerts by email or subscribe to the RSS feed.

The OSFlash Job Board initially launched last year using the Joard system that my friend and business partner Dave Stone was developing. Dave decided to discontinue Joard at the start of this year so we were left without a job board.

It has taken a little while to get everything set up again but the job board is now back up and running using the excellent JobThread system.

OSFlash gets over 120,000 unique visitors every month. We also have a new job board widget that is featured on the OSFlash.org home page and here on my blog (I get around 70,000 unique visitors a month on this blog). By putting your job listing on the OSFlash Job Board, you'll thus be reaching a very tightly-focussed group of close to 200,000 Flash, Flex, and ActionScript developers, designers, and creatives.

Check out the OSFlash Job Board for Flash jobs, Flex jobs, and ActionScript jobs and don't forget to use the RELAUNCH coupon code to get 50% off your job listing until April 1st, 2008.

If you want to help support OSFlash, tell your friends about the OSFlash Job Board by adding the OSFlash Job Board widget to your site.

OSFlash Job Board Widget (JavaScript)

OSFlash Job Board Wordpress widget

I also made a simple Wordpress Widget that you can use to add the Job Board to your Wordpress blog's sidebar. Download the OSFlash Job Board Wordpress widget.

Once you've downloaded it, simply extract it into your wp-content/plugins folder, activate it, and add it to your sidebar from the Widgets section of the Wordpress administration tool. (Note: The CSS positioning is set for my site, you may need to modify it to make it display correctly for yours.)

Here's the source for the OSFlash Job Board Wordpress plugin. It's released under the open source MIT license, so please feel free to use and adapt it to make your own Wordpress plugins too.

Update: There was a small hiccup right after the blog announcement. If you couldn't reach OSFlash.org or jobs.osflash.org, please try again. It's back up and running! Thanks!