Once more, with feeling felting this time!

Gwin, Stephanie's little felted penguin

Stephanie's got a whole bunch of felting-related information, links, and examples up on her blog and she's been felting everything in sight for the past week or so now, ever since I got her a little needle-felting kit from the Make stand at SXSW.

Two nights ago, I tried my hand at it and felting actually is a lot of fun. (If you must know, I'm felting up an adorable little bunny as I write this... no, no, no, I said "felting up", people, "felting up!").

To tell you the truth, I'm really enjoying breaking up my time with non-computer-related activities like Relly's scrapbooking class from a few months ago (she's got another one, Scrapbooking 101, on April 7th at The Werks), trying my hand at felting, and playing with my Arduino boards (OK, so the last one is a little computer-related).

I'd love to hear what you guys and gals do IRL* that doesn't involve staring at a screen and typing.

IRL = In Real Life. It took me a moment to get what that meant when Tantek used it in casual conversation at South-by. And yes, I did Warcraft once... and no, it doesn't call out to me sometimes... "come baaack, Aral, you know you want to get to Level 60, everything's better at Level 60!" :)