Petting Llamas in Texas

Now that I'm back from SWSX, somewhat over my jetlag, and BarcampBrighton2 is over, I'm looking forward to a few weeks of productive work in Brighton.

But first, Llamas.

During South-by, a bunch of us hit the Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo. What an experience!

Part of the experience included an encounter with a petting zoo at the fair. Other memorable highlights for me were my consumption of a pizza on stick (which was then outdone by Leah Culver eating a Beef Sundae), five-year-olds riding sheep, and a sheepdog-riding monkey (which I, unfortunately, missed.)

Here's the video of the petting zoo, shot on a FlipCam courtesy of Adobe and edited online (on my Eee PC and on my Mac) using the excellent JumpCut.

(The lovely thing about this combination -- an Eee PC, FlipCam, and JumpCut -- is that you get a video editing solution under $400. Crazy cool!)