Find and add Creative Commons Licensed photos to your blog from Flickr

Creative Commons License photo credit: Guylaine2007

This sounds awesome: Photo Dropper is a Wordpress plugin to find and add Creative Commons licensed photos to your blog from Flickr.

I haven't tried it yet but I'll update this post once I do.

Read more about Photo Dropper on ReadWriteWeb.

Update: Had a chance to install and test the plugin. It's cool, especially for a Version 1.0 but a few shortcomings are immediately visible. For one thing, once you've added a photo, you have to edit it via the HTML. It would be cool if you could change the settings (size, etc.) after adding it. Also, it would be really great if you could resize the photo or crop it (these are pretty hefty feature requests that might hopefully make it into future versions). An easier feature request to implement would be to see what the various sizes are (S, M, L) in pixels and to be able to specify alignment/float values.