The calm before the storm

Busy, busy, busy! :)

I believe that there was a time when I didn't have my future planned out months in advance. I know it involved a lot of skateboarding and hanging out with friends! :)

Looking at my schedule for the next month or so, I feel like I'm in the calm before the storm.

Things are kicking off this weekend with FITC Amsterdam. I'm presenting a session there and our band, Phlash5, is performing at the after party.

After FITC, I'm back in Brighton for two days, before I fly off to Ireland to attend a one-day WebCamp on Social Network Portability and the blogger's talk dinner.

Unfortunately, I can't stay for the whole Blog Talk conference as I'm meeting Colin and a bunch of Flash/Flex developers at an informal chat at the BBC before flying off to Austin to attend my very first SXSW. I'm thinking of popping over to San Fran for a quick chat with my friends at Adobe afterwards (note to self: you may want to arrange flights for that, Aral!) Depending on how long I stay in San Fran, I may or may not get to attend Then, it's back to Brighton for BarCampBrighton2 on March 15th. I really do want to attend, not least because Singularity is sponsoring the first day's breakfast.

After I return from SXSW, I'm going to be teaching a one-day Introduction to Flex course on the 21st of March and finishing off this mini-conference spree with the talk I'm giving in Scotland titled Bare-naked Flash: Dispelling myths and building bridges at the Highland Fling conference at the start of April. I'm really psyched at presenting there as it means I'm also going to get the chance to hang out with my friends Paul Boag, Christian Heilmann, Chris Mills, Simon Willison, and Gareth Rushgrove (whom I very recently met at Andy's lovely housewarming party).

I have no conferences planned for April and May and I hope to keep it that way as development for Singularity will be in full swing at that point and the only other conference I'm currently confirmed to speak at at the moment is Scotch on the Rocks which isn't until June.

(And there I was thinking that organizing an online web conference would mean that I would travel less this year! Go figure!) :)

And with that, I'm off to London to attend this evening's Second Chance Tuesday with Niklas Zenntröm.

Update: Just made some changes to my schedule. Namely, I'm canceling the Flex course (not enough interest and not enough time) and I'm not going to attend Plugg (though Dave's still going to represent so I can focus my energies fully on Singularity.