FITC mobile guide

Fitc Mobile Guide by Thomas Joos

Heading to Amsterdam for the FITC conference this weekend? Make sure you grab Thomas Joos's mobile conference guide on your FlashLite 2-enabled phone.

(Oh yeah, and Shawn emailed me at some point to let me know that Colin's going to be presenting a free day of ActionScript 3 training in Amsterdam on February 27th so if you want to get into AS3, make sure you sign up for that.)

My FITC Amsterdam session is titled Beyond the Buttons on the morning of the first day. My talk is not about the technology but about everything else that you can do with the wonderful tools that we have at our disposal. It's going to be an inspirational and interactive journey (so get ready to get involved).

Oh yeah, and our not-so-little-some-might-even-say-quite-large band, Phlash5, is going to give its second ever concert at the after party. Expect classic hits like Papervision (Girls they'd laugh and look away/They'd point and stare at my forms/I had a bitmap-and-vectorstantial existence/That was somewhat flat/You can't get laid like that...) :)