It should be easier to find out what version of the Flash Player a user is running. I also often feel the need to check the player version myself while developing. So, for a while now I thought it would be cool to have a simple site that told you your Flash Player Version and maybe also offered some helpful links too. Today, when a burst blood vessel in my finger from too much typing stopped me from working on Singularity, I thought I could at least create that site with one hand.

So here it is:

Blogged from my iPhone (and typed in with one finger!) :)

Update: There was a bug in the initial version that stopped it from working correctly on Windows with IE 6/7. This is now fixed. I don't have IE7 to test with so I'd appreciate it if someone can confirm that it works there too.

As my hand's feeling better, here's a bit more info on the detection process: It uses the latest SWFObject to embed a Flash 8 SWF which communicates the version back to the page via ExternalInterface. If the Flash Player version is less than 8, than the JavaScript detection in SWFObject is used. I also just added a link to Sephiroth's Plugin Switcher extension for Firefox/Win.