In Switzerland for LIFT

Lift Conference

Lift WorkshopOn a whim, I decided to attend the LIFT conference this week and flew to Geneva yesterday. As I type, I'm sitting in on a workshop by Nicolas Durand on Conference Hubs (a topic that is very interesting to me as we're going to have local hubs around the world for Singularity).

Nicolas helps organize the International AIDS Conference, which is probably the largest conference in the world (not counting trade shows/expos), with 25,000 attendees, 23 parallel sessions, and 1,500 speakers.

As I've come to expect when traveling, my Internet connectivity is unpredictable and staying at the Hotel from Hell is not helping. So, I haven't been able to reply to the absolutely amazing feedback we're getting on Singularity. Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm and excitement redoubles my own. Singularity is going to rock!